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Ko To Tamo Peva Ceo Film Free Download harabran




At the beginning of the movie she is giving birth to twins. Since the twins are identical and since she has been raped by a foreigner she and her husband shave off their long hair so that they can get away with it. The consequences are far reaching and lead to quite a change in the lives of this family. The story is told by the husband (played by the actor Dragan Nikolic) over the course of the first half of the film. According to his version he has a native bride, who is forced to bear him twins by a strange intruder, but it is the wife (the actress Lidija Kostic) who dominates the story, she has the most impact and becomes the driving force in the action. As the story unfolds, it is clearly revealed that she is the author of all the events. In most cases, she carries out the basic actions of the plot, but she does not speak and the entire story, including the most important events, is told by the husband. Kostic is a filmmaker of the new generation who began making feature-length films in the 1970s. A large part of his film career (from the late 1960s until the end of the 1990s) has been devoted to the experimental movement, and most of his work deals with topics such as urban life, humanity, and sexuality. In the early 1980s, he collaborated with the poet Borislav Pekić on the script of the movie. Selected filmography No one ever talks to her (1980) Don't be afraid to cry (1980) The pirate of the Black Sea (1981) To the friend (1983) Kafka's machine (1983) The train from Belgrade (1984) The Black Sky (1984) The springtime of the war (1985) C' est la vie (1986) Don't touch (1987) Other people's feelings (1988) The ticket to paradise (1990) He did not have to be there (1990) The window on the outside (1990) A long time ago (1991) The gate (1991) The intergenerational pact (1992) The song of the lost things (1992) Belgrade (1993) The shop assistant (1993) The phantom of the palace (1993) The knife (1994) The pest (1994) The chain (1995) A house in the suburbs (1996) The house




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Ko To Tamo Peva Ceo Film Free Download harabran
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