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Have You Listened To Denver’s Newest Radio Station?

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

KPLS, 1510 AM, “Positive LifeStyle” Radio is on the air 24/7. The signal from its powerful 25 Kw transmitters blankets the vast Denver metro area of over 3 million people, and at night booms into several adjacent states; Wyoming, Montana, the Dakotas, Saskatchewan and deep into central Canada, to the south, New Mexico, Arizona, Western Texas and into Mexico.

KPLS, K-Plus or K+ for short, features programs on health in all its dimensions; physical, mental, social and spiritual. This station also plays Christian music. Doug Batchelor is on three hours a day, along with other top speakers:  John Bradshaw, Sean Boonstra, Steve Wohlberg, Walter Vaith, Cliff Goldberg, Glenn Coon, Your Story Hour and a host of others who know how to address contemporary, secular minds. Some programming is in Spanish, reaching out to the 1 million Denver Latino residents.


Ron Myers and Dr. Esther, get your day underway from 5:30 to 9 am with SRN news, weather, educational and health topics, views and interviews intended to reach non-believers. Then later, Dr. Esther Roybal-Hazen, our bilingual in-house physician, offers current, science-backed, health concepts for preventing and reversing disease naturally, based on the natural laws for optimum health.

This is Adventist radio, like you’ve never heard it before and it is now reaching thousands in Denver, far beyond and live streaming on the internet. Remarkably, the main studio isn’t in Denver, or even in the USA!  We’re broadcasting live from our small apartment here in France, on a hill in the countryside overlooking Geneva, Switzerland. 


RADIO 74 began broadcasting in France in 1982, and has since then expanded to now reach the major cities of Switzerland in English, French and German, and adjacent rural France. Many thousands of people are hearing the Everlasting Gospel for the first time.

Some are accepting Present Truth and joining God’s remnant family, preparing for Jesus soon return.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support for this laymen operated ministry, sponsored only by God and his faithful children. Member of ASI since 1988.

- Ron Myers

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